Green Flyway is a project that has established an international test arena for electric aircraft, drones, and autonomous aircraft in the airspace between Røros in Norway and Östersund in Sweden. We also offer the opportunity to test environmentally friendly equipment for ground support, and lower air space/unmanned traffic management (UTM) technology and systems.
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Professional, exciting, and innovative

Green Flyway is a professional, exciting, and innovative answer to more environmentally friendly aviation. By using the airspace between Røros and Östersund, we can offer point-to-point flights in a stable winter climate.

Here you can test batteries, electric planes, and drones under harsh climatic conditions. We can connect you with relevant partners through close collaboration with SINTEF and the aviation industry. With us, you gain knowledge about new technological solutions in future aviation.

Green Flyway offers airspace control, airport infrastructure, and charging infrastructure. We help all test actors obtain the necessary permits and approvals for their specific assignments.

Green Flyway International Test Arena is a borderless collaboration between Norway and Sweden.

Røros Lufthavn. Foto: Tom Gustavsen
Røros Lufthavn. Foto: Tom Gustavsen

Test arena

The Green Flyway International Test Arena is a unique arena that enables manned and unmanned aerial systems and aircraft testing. Ideally equipped, the Arena can provide comprehensive support for any development and use of systems.

Electric aircraft
Green Flyway offers point-to-point testing of electric aircraft. We have partners in research, technology, and business development if needed.

Drones and autonomous aircraft
Green Flyway is a test arena for unmanned aerial systems, drones, and eVTOL’s developed for rescue services and environmental context.

Charging infrastructure
We collaborate with Ren Røros on the Norwegian side and with Jämtkraft on the Swedish side, supplying 100% renewable electricity.

A unique airspace
Green Flyway has unique airspace for any test of environmentally friendly equipment. With cold and stable winters, you can test any vehicle, vessel, and battery capacity under demanding climatic conditions.

Green Flyway has airspace available
With 175 km by air between Røros and Östersund and 8,650 km2 available, actors coming to Green Flyway have a lot of air space available and little additional air traffic to consider. We liaise with the aviation authorities to help you get the permits necessary to start testing quickly.

About the project
Östersund and Røros municipalities are Green Flyway project owners. Green Flyway is an Interreg Sweden-Norway project partially funded by the program.

Main goal
The project’s primary goal is to establish an international test arena for electric aircraft, drones, and autonomous aircraft. Furthermore, the project aims to contribute to the establishment of standard solutions for charging infrastructure, airspace control, and other standard technology related to the electrification of aviation. Green Flyway works closely with internationally recognized and world-leading research environments in Central Norway and Sweden.

Aircraft corridor across national borders
The airports associated with Green Flyway are our partners Åre/Östersund (OSD/ESNZ), Røros (RRS/ENRO), Härjedalen Sveg (EVG/ESND), and Örnsköldsvik (OER/ESNO) – all partners in the project. We also cooperate closely with Trondheim Airport and can facilitate access to several other airfields and bush strips throughout the region. Thus, we can enable point-to-point flights within the area.

Both Røros and Östersund offer infrastructure that makes it easy to travel here, spend the night, enjoy good local food, and seek cultural experiences. Since 1980, Røros has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Green Flyway is a project that has established an international test arena for electric aircraft, drones, and autonomous aircraft in the airspace between Røros in Norway and Östersund in Sweden.

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Collaborating partners

Through our collaborating partners Ren Røros and Jämtkraft [EN], Green Flyway offers 100% renewable energy for charging electric aircraft and other aerial vehicles. You can find a complete list of the project’s partners on this page.

Green Flyway also works closely with the internationally recognized and world-leading research environments at SINTEF [EN] and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology [EN] (NTNU) in Trondheim and Mid-Sweden University in Östersund [EN]. The project owners are Östersund municipality [EN] and Røros municipality.

Røros Lufthavn. Foto: Tom Gustavsen
Røros Lufthavn. Foto: Tom Gustavsen